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    The Limited-Edition T-Shirt That Gives Back.

    Soft. Eco-Friendly. Ethically Made. ❤️

The Limited-Edition
T-Shirt That 
Gives Back.

Soft. Eco-Friendly. 
Ethically Made. ❤️

September's limited-edition design is gone.

Until this month's limited-edition shirt is gone.

This Month's Design & Cause

Our t-shirt designs are inspired by the world's biggest needs.


Bees are responsible for pollinating one in every three bites of food you eat. Sadly, because of pesticides, parasites and malnutrition, bees are dying off at alarming rates—jeopardizing the production of food that sustains human life. While saving bees, we also help increase access to local, organic, sustainable food! All donation proceeds from September’s t-shirts benefit The Honeybee Conservancy.

How Your Shirt Gives Back

September’s t-shirt makes a difference in these three ways:

All proceeds from each shirt help save bees and support sustainable food. Learn more.

You help create dignified, living wage 
jobs in Haiti. Learn more.

Eco-friendly and contains 6 recycled 

water bottles. Learn more.

Join The Movement

Your shirt tells a story. It’s a canvas that expressively shows what you care about. We can change the world, one shirt at a time. 
See more by watching this video.

How will You Give a Shirt?

September Cause Shirt

Donation: From $27.95
A one time support for this month's cause.

Free Shipping!

September 1" Pinback Button

Donation: $2.00
Pin it on, give back. $1 goes to the cause.

Free Shipping!

I Give a Shirt Monthly Subscription

Donation: $24.95 Monthly
Give a shirt and join the monthly movement.

Free Shipping!

#GiveAShirt Community

You are about to join a movement of people who care passionately about something. Our community is making the world a better place when they choosing to wear a t-shirt that gives back. Join the community using #GiveAShirt.

So, I’m in love with my new monthly subscription... These have become my favorite graphic T-shirt’s in my closet!

If you want to give back but don’t have 100’s to give each month, subscribe to this.

Quentin G.

Flint, MI

These shirts are amazing! They are soft, comfy, stylish and I love how they fit! I am also proud to wear them, knowing all of the benefits that come from  giving a shirt!

Jennifer F.

Toledo, OH

These are becoming some of my most worn shirts. It feels good to help out, even in a small way. Plus it literally feels good - the shirts are soft and great for summer!

Becky G.

Stevens Point, WI

Order Now. Open Up. Make an Impact!

Support a new cause each month. Pause or cancel at any time!

Order Now. Open Up. Make an Impact!

Support a new cause each month. Pause or cancel at any time!