Two (Primary) Ways to Support

There are multiple ways to make a donation to help us fulfill our mission to raise awareness and funds for worthwhile causes with monthly t-shirts. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are changing the world, one shirt at a time.

September Cause Shirt

Donation: From $27.95
A one time support for this month's cause.

Free Shipping!

I Give a Shirt Monthly

Donation: $24.95 Monthly
Join the movement and subscribe for I Give Shirt Monthly.

Free Shipping! 

Two (Additional) Ways to Support

Maybe you don't typically wear graphic t-shirts or would prefer to give directly to a cause without getting anything anything in return. These are additional ways to contribute directly to the cause.

I Give a Shirt Operating Fund Donation

This goes directly to our operating costs (not salaries) to allow us to give more to the causes we support.

Honeybee Conservancy Donation

If you like this month's cause, you can make a donation directly to Honeybee Conservancy. Please let them know we sent you.