Ethical Production

Safe and comfortable working conditions are a fundamental right. Our manufacturing partner, Allmade Apparel, is dedicated to a transparent supply chain and ethical production standards. This is setting the new standard in the industry that most of us think of as the water polluting, sweatshop industry.


Allmade is committed to paying living wages and providing dignified work. They abide by strict labor laws, for the best interest of their employees. You might not know exactly who made your clothing, but what you can be sure of, is that it once touched the hard working hands of someone with hopes of a better future.


By purchasing I Give a Shirt’s cause apparel, manufactured by Allmade, you can help provide more living wage jobs in Haiti.

Your Shirt Saves Orphans

Orphan Prevention

Children in countries like Haiti are at a high-risk of orphanage. The typical orphan in Haiti is not without parents, but rather without parents who can afford to care for their most basic needs.

Dignified Jobs

In Haiti, the average worker earns a mere $3/day. At their manufacturing facility, Allmade offers more than 3-4x the going rate for like jobs in the area, health benefits, and paid holidays to their employees.

Not Made by a Child

Most of us are not even aware that child slavery is still an issue. The reality is, almost 6 million children are working on long lines of sewing machines in sweatshops and factories.

Teaming up with Allmade

We care about how the shirts were made and how the shirts impact the environment. Because of this, we have teamed up with Allmade Apparel to ethically manufacture your shirt.

Support with a Better Shirt

In addition to providing living wage jobs in Haiti and purchasing an environmentally friendly t-shirt, all donation proceeds from October’s limited-edition t-shirts support Pencils of Promise. You, as a supporter, can help give basic reading, writing and math skills by wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing that you Give a Shirt.
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