Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that the average cotton shirt takes over 700 gallons of water to create? And a garment travels on average 16,000 miles before you wear it?

It wouldn’t make sense if the shirt we printed on didn’t align with the causes we stand for. We are committed to ensuring each shirt is made in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Overall, 70% less water is used in production compared to your standard cotton shirt.
A better t-shirt starts with better raw materials. Our tri-blend shirts are made from organic US-grown cotton, recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ Modal– three fibers that not only produce a luxuriously soft shirt, but are better for the environment as well.

Responsibly Sourced Materials

Recycled Water Bottles

Each shirt contains 6 plastic water bottles! The plastic in these bottles has the same makeup as polyester, so they recycled into polyester yarn, reducing waste. 


TENCEL™ Modal is made from sustainably harvested beech trees. Beech trees regenerate from the root system and thus do not require replanting or use of irrigation.

Organic Cotton

Instead of chemical cotton, our shirts are made with organic, non-GMO, cotton grown in the U.S. Since it's a water hungry plant, we’ve reduced the cotton content of our tri-blend shirts to only 25% of its make-up.

Teaming up with Allmade

We care about how the shirts were made and how the shirts impact the environment. Because of this, we have teamed up with Allmade Apparel to responsibly manufacture your shirt.

Support with a Better Shirt

In addition to providing living wage jobs in Haiti and purchasing an environmentally friendly t-shirt, all donation proceeds from October’s limited-edition t-shirts support Pencils of Promise. You, as a supporter, can help give basic reading, writing and math skills by wearing your heart on your sleeve and showing that you Give a Shirt.
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