Good Influence, the Charitable Side of Social Media

You’ve worked hard to make your content matter. You know your audience and how to convert browsers into buyers. If you have loyal social media followers or consistent daily website visitors, you may consider earning money by becoming an I Give a Shirt Ambassador, to use your powers of persuasion to shine a light on some important causes.


Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be rewarded for doing something that impacts the world. With minimal effort, you can monetize your content using trackable links that offer limited-edition t-shirts, uniquely designed for a worthy cause each month. Deepen the genuine connections you have built with your audience with the causes that matter most to them.

Benefit You & Your Audience

Free T-Shirt

We should add a disclaimer to this. Based on your audience and type of content you create, we will mutually decide if sending you a t-shirt in your size and cut makes sense and brings value to your efforts as an Ambassador. If so, we’ll happily send you a shirt on our dime.

Media Toolkit

We’ll give you access to a variety of creative assets to monetize your campaigns including sample posts, images, banners, text links and more.

Track Performance

When someone – redirected to by your unique website link – makes a purchase, you get a commission. Your links are tracked and it doesn’t matter when or from what device someone makes that purchase. We’ll give you regular reports on how things are going.

Creating Impact Together

Studies show that content on YouTube with a charitable message earned more than 2.5 times the engagement levels as videos without – demonstrating that when content creators and causes work together, everyone can succeed.

Become an Ambassador

Being an I Give a Shirt Ambassador is a great way to earn extra money by bringing awareness to worthwhile causes. Most blogs, social media channels and websites are qualified to participate in the Ambassador Program. However, just like we thoroughly vet the charities we work with, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke your Ambassador status at any time, if we determine that your content contains objectionable material.