Raise Funds for Your Cause


I Give a Shirt's mission would be incomplete without worth-while charities to support. Our shirt designs are inspired by the world's biggest needs you are impacting every day.
We know your charity has an important mission to do as well as a unique story of making a difference. Your nonprofit should be able to focus more time and money on doing good and less time worrying about getting your message out and raising funds.

The cost to raise funds with I Give a Shirt: $0.

Advance Your Cause

Raise Funds

We raise funds on behalf of your charity, at no expense to your organization. All net proceeds from t-shirt sales go directly to the cause.

Increase Awareness

With our Cause Apparel being promoted through our network of retail partners, affiliates, and online, new supporters are able to discover your cause.

Connect with Supporters

We engage our socially conscious audience and empower them to wear their hearts on their sleeves. We encourage them to follow your social media as well.

Unrestricted Donation

Funds raised are given as “unrestricted donations”, so you can allocate them to where they are needed most.

Become a Charity Partner

Does your cause provide positive impact in one of our focus areas: Poverty, clean water, hunger, medical, disaster relief, ending slavery, human empowerment, or protection of the environment? If so, we encourage you to apply to potentially be featured as our cause in an upcoming monthly campaign.